Kind Words

I cannot express enough gratitude to have Jennifer Jefferies as a mentor and long time friend.  Jennifer has helped me to understand that age is just a number and we do not have to enter our Crone stage of life with dried or meekness.  We can grab life by the short and curlies, and ride into our crone years with a fearlessly confidence, wisdom and power that youth will never have.

Holly Holmberg,  Alberta,  Canada

Jennifer Jefferies has been my mentor for around eight years. She has so much wisdom to share and has helped me navigate into my 60s with ease. She has supported me through the lows and celebrated the highs, in fact bottom line is that she has supported me through the rollercoasters of life.

Heather R, Sydney

I have had the pleasure of knowing and being very much supported by Jen for 26 years. She is a woman who’s fun generous caring support has helped many women achieve their dreams and more.

Michele M, Queensland

There are many times in life when we need a little encouragement and inspiration including when we approach the wise crone years. Jen brings such joy and passion as she helps you to build your confidence in being the woman you were meant to be. Whether you are looking to find a new career, loose weight or be comfortable in your own skin, Jen has the toolkit, knowledge and loving inspiration to journey with you along your path.
Ann L. PA. USA

My greatest challenge is writing a short testimonial about a woman that lifts my spirits and everyone that touches her life, is always their for me, is passionate in her pursuit to help others mind , body and soul, embraces life and provides a living example of the beauty and opportunities that surround us as we get older. A truly genuine, larger than life, non judging inspiration.

Sandra T, Queensland

Jennifer Jefferies is a force of nature. She has a rare gift of taking complex ideas and making them accessible, practical and meaningful – helping people live into their best and happiest lives.

Alice M. Gold Coast