The Questioner

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”
J.K. Rowling

You have reached this stage of your life and are questioning everything. You have defined yourself around your roles and built a life based on what others have needed from you. Now you are starting to realise that you lost your own identity along the way. 

With so much change and upheaval, it is hard to feel like you have a firm footing in life right now. You struggle to feel confident in your decision-making and find it hard to trust your intuition. You want to feel the joy and excitement of life again. You want to be free, unshackled from the worries of life and to have fun. 

You want to feel needed again and be recognised and respected for the journey you have lived, the contributions you make, and the value you give. As you seek to find or reinvent yourself during this time, be kind. Now is the time to surrender to the process and realise that the answers you seek are all inside you. You just need to allow yourself the space and time to uncover them. 


Caring, compassionate, empathic, giving, intuitive and humble.


Overwhelmed, uncertain and lacking in confidence.


River. While you can’t always see through the waters, there is a strong internal current guiding you towards where you need to be.


The Present Day Wise Women membership will provide you with a roadmap to discover your inner Crone and own it.

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