Traditionally, the Crone was the matriarch of the village. The wise older woman who stood in her power on top of a lifetime of experience. She was unapologetically herself and was both feared and revered for the wisdom she possessed.

But somewhere along history’s path, a mistranslation of the Greek word ‘Hagia’, which demonstrated people’s high respect for older wise women, changed the Crone to bring the current Western world ‘hag’ persona and with it a lower standing in our community.

But no more. It’s time we reclaim it.

As a woman over 50, you have entered the most amazing and exciting time of your life. Despite what society may tell you, now is when you get to shine and realise a new and crucial purpose as a Crone in society.

You know your inner Crone is trying to rise if you:

  • Feel lost and often wonder what’s next?
  • Know in your heart you were meant for more?
  • Want to have a more significant impact on the world?
  • Have the drive to share your wisdom and experience?

If this sounds like you, I want to invite you into the Rising Crone, an incredible community of wise women over 50 who are passionate about making this chapter in their lives the best yet. Through the Rising Crone membership, you will learn how to embrace this next stage of your life, find your power, and give back with purpose.

Now is not the time to settle down. Now is the time to rise up.

What you will get: